1776 To 1976 Silver Dollar Value Liberty Bell Drw

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Answer There were different varieties issued. If it’s a cupronickel circulation dollar (look for a copper-colored edge) it’s only worth face value. If it’s a 40% silver piec…e still in its original.

The collector value. Liberty Half Dollar has a mintmark, it will be on the l…eft side of the coin near the branch that the Eagle is perched upon. 1942 was a common year of Walking Liberty half.

If you are referring to a dual-dated 1776-1976 Bicentennial dollar, circulation issues were struck in copper-nickel and are worth face value only. Proofs and mint-set coins… were struck in both copper.

None of the Bicentennial coins (1776-1976) regardless of denomination or mintmark struck for general circulation have any silver. more than face value. Only proof and uncirculated collectors coins.

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As with any collectible, a primary consideration in determining its value is its condition (or grade. whether the coin would be considered to have Full Bell Lines (the 7 lines at the bottom of the.

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Fortunately Kennedy halves are easy to value because so many of th…em were struck and there are no rare dates. 1964 : about $7 for its silver. Liberty – some 1917 and all others, on the back around.

$5-$10 in a novelty shop. $2-$3 (plus shipping) on eBay. 1. Half DOLLAR, just like it’s spelled on the back of the coin 2. 1776-1976, just like the date is shown on the front of the coin. It’s a.

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