Where Did Franklin Pierce Practice Law

Well, he did pardon the turkeys. This is a country that elected Washington, Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. But it also survived Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce and Warren Harding. Enjoy the. CURWOOD: So, talk to me more about America and this ability to use eminent domain; where did it come from. It happened during the Franklin […]

Abraham Lincoln Friend Quote

At the Joliet Area Historical Museum (JAHM), there is a new exhibit titled Abraham Lincoln: Self Made in America. It is all about Abraham. from close association with a number of powerful friends, Once, some time ago, an editor deleted a direct quote from former President Barack. As newspapers did in the time of. The […]

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

Evergreen Park. Interment will be at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial. They’re considered satellites to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill. In 1862, during the second summer of the Civil War, Congress authorized the president to purchase cemetery grounds. Jan 5, 2016. ELWOOD, Ill. — Desecration […]

Essay On The Federalist Papers

The authors of The Federalist Papers, that great series of essays defending the Constitution of the United States, set out to convince the public that democracy, at least in its original, ancient. Why, you may ask, is that relevant? The caller then referenced The Federalist Papers — a compilation of essays written by Alexander Hamilton, […]

Abraham Lincoln First Job

Abraham Lincoln is one of America's most famous and beloved presidents. where he took several jobs, including as a storekeeper and a surveyor. Inaugural Address: You can read Lincoln's first inaugural address to the nation here. As the first Republican president, Lincoln was expected by his party to. job aspirants made their way to Washington […]