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Jul 15, 2016. Scholarship donations may be made to the Chandler Family Fund at the George Washington High School Alumni Association, 600 32nd Ave.,

the board voted 4-3 to reverse its June vote to paint over the “Life of Washington” mural at George Washington High School. Instead, staff were directed to work out alternatives to cover the mural.

“The Life of George Washington” mural at George Washington High School. The 4-to-3 vote came after more than a month of intense debating between students, parents, faculty, alumni, city officials, and.

A high school in San Francisco is considering three options for censoring a mural of George Washington deemed problematic by the local activist community: putting up a curtain (price tag: $300,000),

A mural at George Washington high school. art and public works created by the Works Progress Administration. He teamed with the Washington high school alumni association, the only member of the.

“We’re here tonight because [the school board] realizes the kind of pressure both locally and nationally has made this board a laughing stock in the United States,” said Lope Yap, Jr., Vice President.

Read NCAC’s full letter to George Washington High School here; click here for a full screen view. Want to help save the murals? Visit the GWHS Alumni Association to learn more.

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Describing in detail how Arnautoff’s murals “critique the mythology of George Washington, in a moving KGO radio interview. Jr., Vice President of the GW High School Alumni Association, artists, a.

Glover joined dozens of artists and art community leaders, civil rights leaders, educators, George Washington High School alumni and San Francisco residents to call for the murals to remain up. • ALSO.

For the George Washington High School murals. One such challenge was promised by Lope Yap Jr., vice president of the Washington High School Alumni Association. Before the decision came down, Yap.

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Sep 13, 2017. The 31st school shooting of the year unfolded Wednesday at a small high school in Rockford, Washington, south of Spokane. One student was.

Some well-known graduates of Washington High School are Indiana Pacers Billy Keller and George McGinnis, Indianapolis mayor Philip Bayt, Jr., actor Strother.

Washington High School. Class of 76 Celebrates 40th Reunion! Classmates & Teachers Attend Event at Widmer. WaHi Alums Tour Renovated School.

The high school’s alumni association, along with arts preservationists. On Wednesday, The City’s Historic Preservation Commission revived an effort to designate George Washington High School as a.

Jul 23, 2019. (Tammy Aramian/George Washington High School Alumni Association). Members of the school's alumni association have threatened legal.

The San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously to cover up the murals at George Washington High School—a project that will. To think that those two depictions are it is baffling.” The.

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Earlier this year a group convened by the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), which included current and former students at George Washington High School as well as local activists, artists.

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We deserve respect,” said George Washington High School junior Sharez Brown. An advocate said the mural’s supporters have few ties to the school’s community, other than membership in its alumni.

artists and high school alumni applied to have the city designate the high school a historic landmark, which would have made removing the George Washington mural hard to do. Sponsored The San.

Advocates for removing the mural included local high school students, George Washington High School graduates. Lope Yap Jr., vice president of the school’s alumni group, vowed to “use every tactic.

Every school day, the students who attend George Washington High School must march by. (Lope Yap Jr., the vice president of the Washington High School Alumni Association, has already threatened to.

Lope Yap Jr., the sole defender of Arnautoff’s work within the Reflection and Action Group organized by the school board to recommend action on the murals, spoke on behalf of the Alumni Association at.